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Ladies, Do You Have Two Holes On Your Lower Back? Then See What It Means

Ladies, Do You Have Two Holes On Your Lower Back? Then See What It Means

Our bodies may be really surprising. This is one of them: Do you understand what a butt or back dimple is? Women’s lower backs often develop tiny holes or dimples called “dimples of Venus .” They are additionally known as “Venus Holes.” Men refer to them as “Apollo Holes.”

The Venus Holes are explained in detail here.

Venus contains craters.

A little ligament that is compressed between the skin and the posterior superior iliac spine is to blame for these holes. Where the two bones of the pelvis converge is where they are more usually discovered. The lack of a muscle causes the skin to expand to fill the area, producing a small depression or “hole” in the skin right above the waist.


Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty and love, is given the honorific name “Venus” since it is thought that she symbolizes beauty.

Not always do you have these lovely indentations. One is either born with venus holes or they are not; they cannot be made.


What does it all mean, then?


These gaps will be advantageous to your health. The “Venus Holes” stand for a strong physique and good blood flow. They are also sexual. People with Venus Holes seem to have an easier time getting ***. The Venus holes’ capacity to promote good circulation and their favourable location in the pelvic area, which promotes climaxing, are the reasons behind this. Those with the Apollo or Venus dimples participate in sex more frequently as they are more easily excited and tend to enjoy it more.


The Venus holes can aid in weight loss.

According to medical authorities, if your dimples are quite noticeable, you are underweight, which indicates that you have a good weight and a fulfilling, busy life.


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