Grind Alligator Pepper With Kola nut And Soak In 7up, Drink 2 Times Daily To Get These Actions.

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As we all know by now, bitter kola and alligator pepper seperatly are super herbal drugs. Now imagine combining the two of them. Yes you got it right, the result will be mind blowing!



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As already outlined above in the title of this post the method for preparation is very simple and straightforward.

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All you have to do is soak 2 Seeds Of Bitter Kola and a little quantity of alligator pepper in 7up drink or sprite or bitter lemon whichever is available for about a day and then drink preferably morning and night for close to 7days.


The major reason for this combination is to do an extensive internal cleansing of the stomach, liver and kidney, it will expel all the dangerous toxins and bacteria and worm from your body.




This Mixture is very strong so please don’t drive after taking it. That is why I advice people to take it at night before going to bed.


It clears the stomach and Cures stomach pain, diarrhea and other stomach dysfunction. If anyone is feeling serious stomach ache give the person 2 Spoons Of the super mixture and withing minutes all the pains would have been gone completely.


If the person feels like going to the toilet after taking the drug let the person go.


It’s also very effective for controlling blood pressure and treating diabetes.


As an additional advice you can chew 1 seed of the bitter kola to handle stomach pain. Incase if you don’t have time to prepare this mixture. Just throw the bitter kola seed and chew slowly for close to 30mins and the pain will be gone.


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