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“Ghana is Wonderful” Man Makes Outfit and Sandals from Wood, Video Goes Viral



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  • A video sighted on TikTok has gone viral on social media as it shows a man in a unique outfit
  • In the video, the man sports a furry brown long-sleeve two-piece pant set with sandals, all made from wood
  • Several internet users who saw the video have taken to the comment section, with some asking how comfortable the attire is

With fashion and style, creativity continues to abound, some more peculiar than others.

TikToker Abdulwahabmisbahuchampi0 posted a video of a man reportedly spotted in Kumasi, Ghana, wearing a rather interesting ensemble.

Wood outfit
Photos of the man in the outfit made from wood.
Credit: @abdulwahabmisbahuchampi0
Source: UGC

In the video, the man is seen dressed in a muddy brown fury ensemble.

However, on a closer look and as stated in the caption, the outfit is actually made from wood shavings, including the sandals on his feet.

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Watch the video below:

Social media users react to video of man in wood outfit

As is the case with such unique creations, the video was met with mixed reactions.

While some commended him for the creative design, others questioned how comfortable it felt.

Check out some comments below:


“R.I.P to Body Itch.”

Destiny DE Brain Bra:

“It will be very nice in Europe for de snow ❄️..He will make good money from there let help him and support him.”


“Wow this is incredible. he must go viral.”


“How is this comfortable.”

Bertha Gaines:

“If one celeb rock it you will like it.”


“Person Dey crase una Dey hail am.”


“This will attract insects and bugs.”


“Hollywood could have use this man well for customer.”

Johnson Akortsu:

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When it comes to fashion and style, there are people who continue to live on the edge and it is interesting to watch.

One such person is Nikita Vlassenko, a style and creative consultant who recently got social media users talking.

In the video, he is seen walking into what appears to be a Givenchy show. However, the size of the chunky platform boots played a huge role in changing his walking steps.


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“Firmly in my child-free era” – 30 year old lady gets her fallopian tubes tied (video)




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A 30-year-old lady has stirred reactions online after undergoing surgery to tie her fallopian tube.

The woman said in a social media video that she got the procedure because she didn’t want to become pregnant and deal with the physical and emotional scars that would result.

She wrote;

“Finally got my tubes tied!!!
Firmly in my childfree era. So proud of myself of taking control of my life and eliminating pregnancy scares and @borshun from my future🎀”

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In a recent interview with The Sun, the screen diva discussed her traumatic experiences with men and how she overcame the trauma.

She said the experience made her hate men for a while, but she has now healed and moved on.

“Sexually abused as a kid? Yes. Mental health victim? Yes. In the society we live in, people don’t talk about mental health issues; they expect you to visit your pastor and you will be alright. As an actor, it is not easy. First, you will have to embody the life of different characters and personalities, the good, the bad and the terrible.

Despite what you are going through personally, you have to wear a smile and keep entertaining people because that is what people expect from you. I think there should be a special therapist for entertainers, because it is not easy. Giving out joy to people and lacking where to fill up from. Most people are broken; they’re carrying about baggage from the past, if you don’t talk about it so you can get help, you will keep carrying it about until it destroys you. By sharing your problems with your partner, you can get help.

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“Shanty Town is a glorified Asaba movie” – Actor, Uche Maduagwu criticizes his colleagues for new Netflix series




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Controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu, has criticized his colleagues, Nancy Isime and Peter Okoye for their roles in the trending Netflix series, Shantytown.

Taking to his Instagram account he shared a video querying the need for Nancy Isime’s nudity and why Peter Okoye, a singer was given a movie role.

According to him, the entire production of the movie was sub par and not worth the hype.

In his words;

“So after all the Hype on Shanty Town, I finally sat down to #watch and I was so confused, it was a glorified ASABA movie, the story line was so uninteresting and a little bit more like our regular ASABA movie, only difference was it super high quality cinematography and advanced better production.
When exactly did Peter of PSQUARE turn Actor? Nancy showing unnecessary body is more confusing, Walahi some #Yoruba movies have better story line than this, Na all Hype, and this is why E go TEY before Nollywood go smell OSCAR #Awards because we not ready to be extraordinary in our story telling, imagine in 2023, we are bringing out this?

Watch the video below,

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