7 Things You Should Sacrifice If You Want to Be Rich This Year

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The desire to be rich, wealthy, or affluent is good, deciding to be rich is not sufficient without determination or resolution.


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Your decision today is tomorrow’s reality despite your environment.


If truly you want to be rich. Like the biblical Abraham, you need to sacrifice your Isaac no matter how dear.




I will show you 7 vital habits you must sacrifice as follows:

1. Sacrifice Appetite For High Taste:


It is good to have a high taste, being flamboyant, looking expensive, and becoming ostentatious.




When you are RICH, go for all that is priceless but now you are struggling to break even, do away with frivolities.


Invest in things that will enhance your business growth.


Make that sacrifice now.


Hear this wealthy man Robert Kiyosaki ” Rich people buy luxury last while poor people buy luxury first”.


You must be disciplined enough to forfeit the desire to be ostentatious.



Dan Lok adds ” invest a significant percentage of your income and manage whatever remains.


2. Sacrifice Negative Minded Friends and Associates:





A common adage says show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.


When you surround yourself with negative mindsets, people who are pauperized mentally and financially, you will be ambitiously dead.


What am I saying don’t hang out with poor people. Avoid people that always have reasons not to progress.


If you associate with them, you are likely to be as they are.


Don’t embark on a journey with a Jonah in your ship, if you do, you will incur losses.


Surround yourself with optimistic, successful, and ambitious people and you will have the right influence.


Make friends with the rich and you will be challenged to think and dream big as they do.


3. Sacrifice A Fruitless Time on Social Media:


Maximize your engagement on social media. Don’t use your presence on social media for fruitless chatting and contacts.


Use your social media strictly for profitable business and investment.


Your presence on social media should be monetized. Are you making money? Are you adding value to people?


4. Sacrifice Some Leisure:




A little sleep, a little slumber, and poverty come upon you like an armed man.


The body needs sleep but does not oversleep. The night is a quiet time for deep reflection and meditation.


Make use of the night hours to write your content, prepare your sales copy, and so on.


Dan Lok opines ” you need to sleep later than most people are awake.


5. Sacrifice The Pointing of Finger:




Do not blame anyone for your lack of achievement. Accept responsibility for your life.


Society is becoming comatose.


There is a prevalent blame game.


Blame on your background and blame on the government and the economy.


Indicting other people for your situation makes you happy because you have to fill in the, after all, it’s not your fault.


The dilemma with this mindset is that you feel it is not your obligation, you also think someone else should help you out.


If you want to be affluent, you must sacrifice the pleasure you are deriving from the pointing of fingers at people.


You have to take full responsibility for your life and get rid of your fears.


6. Sacrifice Impatience:


Rome was not built in a day. You can not be a billionaire overnight.


It is a process attached to periodization.


So you need to build with patience. Warren Buffet says” you cannot have a baby next month by impregnating nine women today”.


The truth is that good things always take time to manifest.


Every successful business owner has committed time, money, and sacrificed pleasure to be there.


Stop looking for getting the rich quick business.


Stop looking for shortcuts because it is proven to be dangerous and sometimes elongates your journey.


7. Sacrifice Your Low Self Esteem:




The way you see yourself determines the level you will attain.


Get rid of that grasshopper mentality. See the giant in you.


The evidence that you can succeed in that business is the fact that other people have gone through this process and succeeded.


Low self-esteem is a mindset that suggests incapability, a mindset of self-pity, a mindset that accepts you can never be rich because you are not born rich.


Get rid of that mentality. Kill your timidity.


See the ability to your responsibility.


When you pay the price, impossibility is nothing.


Hope you got value? Let me know your thought at the comment section

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