5 Wonders Putting A Clove Of Garlic In Your Toilet Will Do For You

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Have you ever heard about the trick of putting a garlic inside the toilet? In our fast paced world, a lot of mysteries are unraveled daily. And for that reason, we’ll be enlightening you on why you should always put a garlic in your toilet before going to bed.


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Today, with our fast-paced lives, and busy schedules, it’s a difficult task to require a time to wash and organize our home. Especially when you live alone or you’re single and you have to leave for work early and get back late.


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Some chores are easy to try to do and others aren’t. But taking care of the toilet isn’t a simple thing as it requires time, patience and dedication.


Ever noticed that the toilet is one among the places in the home that accumulates the foremost fungus and bacteria?


To clean the toilet, most people find themselves using very strong chemicals that are often harmful to the health even if they actually do their work.


To clean and take care of your toilet in a more natural way, in this post, we’ll show you a trick that will assist you keep your bathroom clean using garlic.


Ever considered it?


See now the way to disinfect your bathroom with a garlic clove:


Before getting to sleep, peel a clove and put it inside your toilet. Leave it there all through the night, and within the following morning, flush.


Do this procedure at least twice weekly, and always at night since it’s when the toilet is less used.


The garlic will help with its antimicrobial and antifungal powers.




Another good choice to disinfect the rest room, and one that brings quick results, is using garlic tea.


Learn how to form it:


Boil one cup of water during a pan. Once it starts boiling, cut three garlic cloves in small pieces and put it within the water.


Turn off the warmth, close the pan and let it sit for quarter-hour then, pour the tea inside your toilet.


Just like the primary tip, it’s better if you are doing it just before getting to bed, when the toilets are going to be used less.


These two tricks are the fastest way of disinfecting your toilet and obliviating bacteria in a natural way, and it also eliminates those yellow spots round the toilet.


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